Free SEO Tools

Anyone interested in search engine optimization will find lots of great information online, from people who share their expertise freely. We'll be doing a lot of that with our blog, and we also recommend the following tools and sources of information.

SEO Glossary

Our own dictionary of SEO, SMM and SEM terms.


Pretty much the most authoritative site about SEO, with great resources including video tutorials.

Matt Cutts

We read once (wish we could remember where) that if Google is God, Matt Cutts is the voice of God. Matt heads up Google's Search Quality Group and posts news about what Google is doing and why.

Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Land

Discussions of search engines, SEO, and changes to search algorithms.

Google AdWords keyword tool

The first place everyone goes to start their keyword research. It's totally free.

Google Webmaster Tools

Get your site activated on Google Webmaster Tools (also free), and Google will tell you if it's having any trouble getting you into its search results. How handy is that?!

Wordtracker keyword tool

Another place to do keyword research for free. It ain't no Google Keyword Tool, but it does come up with keywords and phrases worth considering.