SEO Test

How good is the SEO on your existing site? Answer 19 questions and find out immediately.

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1. How did you choose the keywords you're currently optimizing for?

2. My domain name includes my main keyword(s). (e.g., a flower shop whose site is

3. My site contains separate strategic pages built around each important keyword.

4. My page URLs use words (e.g.,, instead of

5. Every page on my site has a different, strategic page title.

6. How are your headlines formatted?

7. Do you have a distinct, carefully chosen META description for each page?

8. When I'm linking within my site from one page to another:

9. When I include photos, videos and audio files on my site:

10. I've submitted a Sitemap...

11. From my home page, I can get to any page on my site

12. My web pages are validated and error-free

13. My robots.txt file

14. I link to lots of sites

15. I have clear and correct error pages (301, 404, 410).

16. Pages on my site have "share this" tools for Facebook, Twitter, Digg or similar sites.

17. My site includes a blog that pings.

18. I update at least some of my pages:

19. Flash...